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Do quick girls date short dudes? View

Do quick girls date short dudes? View

(Original post by Divine Potato)

But exactly what about a 5’4″ guy?.

Look what the results are whenever guys begin threads saying they think obese ladies are disgusting, they have death threats, pages and pages of several various women insulting them etc. What the results are when ladies state they will never date brief dudes or begin threads about the subject? You obtain exactly the same a couple of dudes whining and that is it. Also, you receive a lot more scathing comments from females towards a guy’s height e.g. Guys below 5’10” are subhuman scum, they appear like gnomes (hmm and ladies who are below 5’2” never? ) they’ve been ‘beta males’ these are generally ‘manlets’. Men are simply soulless peices of flesh with no feelings just what so ever whose purpose that is only to offer intercourse (or wide range or other things that females want) and also to make females envious of other females.

What’s more, females can lose weight always! Just place that damn fork down for when! Height is 90% hereditary, therefore women, exactly just how can you feel if males had been constantly insulting you, saying you have no control over that you don’t deserve love or respect because of something?